IT Division

We are able to supply and support all aspects of IT to offer the complete service. From software installation to complex secure network infrastructure, Kent Tec can do it all.

PC Maintenance

Let Kent Tec take the pain out of your IT care.
We will look after your equipment and respond quickly to any faults, so you can get back on track.

What is the cost?

What is the cost?

PC Maintenance starts at £15 per computer and reduces to £12 when you have more than 10 PC's under the same package.

Subject to VAT

What is covered?

What is covered?

Replacement of mice, keyboards and PCs provided by Kent Tec. We can also remote in with your permission to assist with any system/software issues and updates.

What is the response time?

What is the response time?

Kent Tec keep PC equipment in stock. We can clone your drive and swap your PC out within the current working day. 

Secure Cloud Back Up

Kent Tec offer a secure back up service, where your complete computer's image and data is regularly backed up and saved in a secure off site location. In the event of a system failure or if you want to have an upgrade we can quickly restore your latest backup onto a new hard drive and it will be ready to use. You can have peace of mind when working with your important data.

Prices for this service start at £10 per month per unit. You can add this with our maintenance service for £25 per month per unit. This means if your system was to go down, Kent Tec will have you covered.

Prices subject to VAT.

PC & Laptop repair shop

Before you throw it out the window, bring your broken computer or laptop to us and we can fix it in store from just £59.

We have a no fix no fee policy and the only extra charges are when new parts are required. We will always ask for your consent, before going ahead.

We don't just fix computers, we can replace cables and broken plugs. Enquire today, we are happy to help.


Kent Tec can supply and install operating systems, office programmes and anti-virus software. We also develop bespoke software packages in house including CRMs

Work From Home

Since the first lockdown in 2020, working from home has become more prevalent. To make this transition smoother, we have generated some services to allow your staff to continue their work at home. Actually, we were using this systems ourselves years before the pandemic hit, when we realised how useful this could be to other businesses.

Our services include remote access to your office computer, which employers can monitor productivity and a cloud-based phone system to allow staff to take calls from a desk phone or smartphone at no extra cost.
  • Remote Desktop
  • Cloud-Based Phone System