Games Master's Escape Room Assistant (GAMER)

This may surprise you, but at Kent Tec we don't just specialise in telecoms. We also offer Bespoke Control Systems for Escape Rooms.

Operating under 'Gamer' our aim is to enhance the players experience using programmable, user-friendly technology, leaving you with endless possibilities.

We have created an all-in-one compact system that is user-friendly and flexible to your requirements. Our package comes with the hardware and software needed enhance the experience for both players and game masters.


The GAMER system consists of a small unit with a set of quick-release terminals. Depending on the package you choose you will have from 16 inputs and 16 outputs to build your game.

Kent Tec will also provide a PC that the game will run from, a keyboard and mouse. All you need is a screen.


There are 2 parts to the software; the backend, programmable side and the front end, used during gameplay.

Behind the scenes you will find a visually pleasing, user-friendly application, where you can tell the system exactly what you want each terminal to do, when and where. You can add all the labels, clues and buttons you need to make it easy to control from the GM's side.

During gameplay you will have a birds-eye view of the room that is labeled. Tick boxes will show the progression of the players in the room, when they complete something the box will be ticked. These boxes will check automatically when the player completes it, but the GM can intercept at any point if there is an issue or they feel the player is almost there.

Automation and Flexibility

The GAMER can be as automated as you would like it to be, but essentially it can provide a seamless experience for the players. The GM can controll the clues, puzzels, locks and more. They can step in and help where required and the players won't know any different.


We have a support line available if you require some help. Our team are here to help over the phone or via remote connection to your PC and assist you with your programming queries. Our prices start at £30 an hour for one-off support, or you can sign up to one of our support packages. Prices are subject to VAT.


The Story

  • Discovery

    Kent Tec's Co-Founder, Geoff Musselbrook discovered escape rooms in 2017, when he stumbled accross one on his trip to Amsterdam.

  • Enthused

    Enthused more than ever, Geoff opened his own escape rooms in Margate, "CTRL ALT ESC". They were to be technology-based rooms; where any puzzles solved by the player motioned an electronic signal that triggered the next part of the game.

  • Research and Development

    After much research and development, Kent Tec's team of programmers created the GAMER system; an anagram of Games Master's Escape Room Assistant. A package of software and hardware that creates automation, flexibility, produces analytics and allows the GM to really focus on the player experience.

  • Geoff's Goal

    Geoff's goal was to offer the GAMER to other escape room owners and set out to make the control system adaptable to any room, user-friendly and easy to program to specific needs.


    GAMER has been setup in many rooms across Kent & London, and is available for escape room owners to order today.

What does it cost?

The system has a set up fee of £500. Then you will need to charge up the system and you pay per game play.

There is a £500 minimum spend to charge up the system. Depending on the package you choose it will cost from £1 per game. You will need to keep the system charged up in order to keep running games.

Prices are subject to VAT.


£1 /gameplay

  • 16 inputs
  • 16 outputs


£1.50 /gameplay

  • 32 inputs
  • 32 outputs


£2 /gameplay

  • 48 inputs
  • 48 outputs

Do you require more than 48 inputs and outputs?

The price per game remains at £2, but you can purchase an additional 16 inputs and outputs at £500. Prices subject to VAT

Get in touch with us today. We can help with any specific requirements and find you the best solution.