Security Services

With over 25 years in the security industry Kent Tec are able to supply and support sophisticated security systems to keep you and your property safe. These systems can be connected to your smartphones for constant access and monitoring. With monhtly support packages available, you can be assured a high spec and reliable service.


With advancements in technology, CCTV has come along way. Now all systems Kent Tec install are UHD 4K with crystal clear images and smartphone/PC apps.

Alarm System

Alarm panels that can notify you of an intrusion via push notification, text or phone call. An essential piece of equipment in the fight against theft.

Security Barrier

Whether you need sliding, swinging or lifting, Kent Tec can install and support it. Sleeping policemen, loop detectors, intercoms and remote openers also available.

Watch Over Your Loved Ones

It can be a struggle looking after loved ones who may be elderly/vunerable or require some extra care.

We have a solution that may help put your mind at ease.
Install a live camera monitoring system.

This will enable you check up on them and have some peace of mind when you are elsewhere.

Kent Tec can install the camera system and set up the app to your mobile/tablet devices, where you can log in and watch a live feed.

  • Unlimited viewers - connect the cameras to everyone’s mobile in the family
  • Operate the camera from your app - swipe your phone to move the camera
  • Speak out of the camera - speak into the phone and your loved ones will hear you through the camera
  • Usable anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet connection)