Here at Kenttec, we can look after al of your telecom lines, whether it be a BT line, Broadband, Lease line or VoIP line.

We are wholesale dealers with BT Openreach, which means we have the same access and control over your lines as BT have, without the headache that goes with dealing with BT.

We are always contactable, and from 9-5 mon-fri you will be able to talk with an English person in the UK.

For VoIP we have our very own Telephone exchange. This gives us a huge amount of control, porting numbers, international numbers, moving premises and keeping your old number - all becomes a simplicity.

For broadband we have a dealership with a Kent based network. There is a separate business only network with runs throughout Kent that is separate form the BT network and thus does not suffer from strangulation.

Lease line are also available for the fastest broadbands possible, with a dedicated fiber for your individual use.