Hosted Telephony

Hosted Telephony has many great features included in every system

  • Multi call queue / company welcome announcement
  • Free voicemail per handset
  • Voicemail to email
  • Caller diversion / forward
  • Call pickup
  • Call transfer
  • Hunt groups
  • Do not disturb feature
  • Incoming call rules
  • Multiple music on hold
  • Free site to site calls
  • Free internal calls
  • Web portal system control
  • Itemised billing
  • Caller ID display
  • UK based
  • Account managed
  • Fast setup
  • Per second rates
  • No connection fees
  • Free line installation

What is Hosted Telephony?

The Telecom Revelution

By 2015, 69% of new and upgraded phone systems were hosted.

Over the past 4 years broadband has become increasingly stable, faster and more suitable for VOIP and affordable. With the average broadband connection supporting 10 IP phone lines, and other connections upwards of 300, there has never been a better time to move to Hosted IP.

How many calls per Broadband?

The Myth

Have you been told that you need a high speed broadband connection or a dedicated internet line to make use of Hosted IP?

A standard residential broadband service will support up to 8 concurrent phone calls.

Most business grade connections will handle 15 concurrent calls

And our special wireless broadband in excess of 25

Fibre Optic connections offer literally hundreds of concurrent calls - and you can bundle connections of any kind together for more and more users.

The voice quality of Hosted IP is equal to and often better than standard analogue or ISDN connections

Testing your Broadband speed

  1. Simply go to an independent speed checker site, such as
  2. Wait for the page to fully load
  3. Click "Begin Test"
  4. Wait until your actual speeds are confirmed

Results explained

MS - Otherwise known as latency or lag. This is the delay from you requesting a web action (say clicking a button) to the internet actioning that request (doing it). The lower the number the better.

It's important for Hosted IP so that there is no delay on the calls. Anything less than 60MS is outstanding for Hosted IP.

Download - Is the speed that information can be passed from an external source (a webpage or an inbound caller) down your internet line. Every 1MB of download allows 10 concurrent calls. The UK average is currently 8.3MB, however this varies from area to area and by connection type (ADSL, ADSL2, Fibre, EFM).

Upload - Is the speed that information can be passed to an external source (uploading an image to a webpage or making an outbound call). Every 1MB of download allows 10 concurrent calls. The UK average is currently 0.8MB. Upload speed is very important for Hosted IP as it is typically the lower of the speeds. We always judge how many concurrent calls you can make based on your upload speed. Multiple broadband lines can be used for more calls, or a faster speed offered.

What to do next

Once you know your current broadband speed, the next step is to get in touch with us on 01843 232777 or fill in our contact form.

Let us know your current speeds and we can advise you on how many concurrent lines your broadband can handle.

We also check for faster connections in your area too.

So how does it work?

Simple & Easy

Calls are routed through your broadband connection to our central telephone exchange along with all other traditional calls from analogue or ISDN connections. From here calls are sent to the desired phone number. The quality of an IP call is equal to and often better than a standard analogue or ISDN calls.

Frequently asked questions

Q) What happens if my broadband connection goes down?

A) You'll always have a standard analogue phone carrying your broadband connection or mobiles. We'll divert all calls to these whilst your internet provider resolves the issue. If you have one of our 3cx phone systems, you can each have a mobile app that uses 3g, keeping you connected even when the broadband is down.

Q) Can I Keep My Current Number?

A) Yes you can, but we have to port the number away from your current provider, this can take up to 4 weeks. There are ways that you can switch instantly, please call for details.

Q) Can I Get New Phone Numbers From You?

A) Yes you can, and not only UK numbers we can offer you any number from around the world. Furthermore, a new number takes just 1 day to setup and there is no installation cost.

Q) How is This Phone System Different?

A) VoIP works just like an ordinary telephone with the only difference being that with VoIP your telephone works via your broadband connection instead of the conventional telephone network. VoIP also offers you the benefit of making local, long distance and international calls for less, is high quality and has more features than most traditional phone service offerings. The setup cost of VoIP is far less than other systems because there is no onsite equipment except your phones.

Q) How Long Does it Take to Setup?

A) Very fast, the systems are already installed in our servers so it is really just as matter of talking with you to decide how you want your phone system setup then installing your handsets, which can be done by yourself.

Q) What Handsets Do You Offer?

A) We have three handsets which are custom made for our systems. They are:

The X3 which is a basic handset which still has full handsfree and a display.

The X3 which is a basic handset which still has full handsfree and a display.

The X4 Which is full handsfree, Colour display with 6 DSS (BLF) keys.



The X5 Which is full handsfree, display and with 8 DSS (BLF) keys that have a scroll function giving up to 40 buttons.



Q) What happens if I Move?

A) One of the best advantages of Hosted IP is that no matter where you move to, you just unplug your phones, move then plug them back in. This ensures that telecoms is not on your list of concerns for moving office. You could literally move to Australia and still keep the same phone numbers and the same phone system!

Q) What Happens if More People Than I Have Phone Lines Call My Number?

A) This is entirely up to you, if you want you can give out the busy signal, or you could ensures that you never ring busy again. If all your lines are being used and someone calls, they could be placed on hold with a customised message. They could be periodically informed of their position in the queue.

Q) How Many Lines Can I Have on My Broadband Connection?

A) This depends entirely on your broadband connection. For a high quality call you need 100k or bandwidth up and down. Remember that broadband is measured in Meg not K which is 10 times faster, so for every Meg that’s ten simultaneous calls.

Q) What is The Minimum Contact Period?

A) There is no contract period with KT so you can cancel whenever you wish.

Q) Can I Trial The Service?

A) Not really, however as there is no contract period, you can just have one handset, then if you like it get more later.

Q) Is it Easy To Setup?

A) Yes. Either we come and plug the phones in for you or your phones arrive pre-configured in a box. Just plug them into the internet & a mains power supply and your system will be live in about 5 minutes. All the setting up and programming is all done at our office.

Q) Is There a Minimum or Maximum Number of Lines I Can Take?

A) No, this the simultaneous calls are limited only by how good your broadband is.

Call Recording

Whether you need to record the occasional call or every call coming into or going out of your business, we can find the right solutions for you.


In regulated markets such as finance, the need for recording is a legal requirement. Not having a call recording service can lead to heavy regulator fines and revoked licences.

Dispute Resolution

Whether a dispute is valid or not, call recording can speed the satisfactory resolution of any issues. By logging onto the secure call recording web portal and searching for a call, you are able to listen online, download and send any call for instant and fair resolution

Feedback & Coaching

With a call recording suite, you are able to instantly playback important calls and delivery realtime feedback to coach, mentor and develop your team. By building a bank of good or bad calls, other members of your team are able to self develop by listening to others.