In todays business, computers play a very important role in the running of a company. It is very easy to get tied up with complex systems and software which you do not need, or know how to use. That is why at Kent Tec we take the simple approach. We setup businesses with computer systems that work, quickly and reliably and most importantly - simply. there is no need in most cases to have super high security and super computers for servers with big brother looking over your shoulder on every move. Most companies want a system that:


is simple to use

and understandable.


We can offer computer installations, maintenance, supplies and software. Our engineers will talk to you in english and will not blind you with science or techno talk, we are here to help.

Kent Tec make software, see the software page for more information on a range of useful office tools from electronic diary to a fully functioning database system. If there is something particular you have in mind contact us, we can make it.

Computer repairs from £49!

Bring in your broken computer or lap top to our shop and we can repair it for £49. We also offer a clean up service to remove any unwanted programs and speed up you machine for £49. For more information please contact us or drop into our shop at Northdown Road, Margate, and meet us face to face.